Medicine Raw Material is related pharmaceutical industry.  We mainly supply two items, one is Sulfanilic Acid,  another is Formic Acid,  with our high and stable quality, can produce high and stable quality of bulk pharmacetuical chemicals.  

Pharmaceutical raw materials encompass elements that are required to manufacture a variety of different drugs. These materials are derived and extracted from sources that could be natural or synthetic. Every pharmaceutical is made up of active ingredients .

 Pharmaceutical industry has a lot of constraints and specialties which make it stand on a completely different scale than any other industries. Being closely related to the medical field and also complementary to it, the pharmaceutical industry needs utmost care and precision in each and every aspect of the field ranging from collecting the raw materials to getting the final product ready for supply in the market.  Let us get into a few details about the pharmaceutical raw materials and find out some important and interesting facts about them.   

We mainly supply Sulfanilic acid & Formic Acid , which are used as raw material for Pharmaceutical industry.